Tokyo December 2006

Last Leaving Party - Tokyo December 2006

Last Leaving Party

Friday 15th December 2006

A second, unofficial leaving party with a select few people from work.

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20:57:22 Here we are in a restaurant in "Okinawa Town" - a small street full of Okinawa shops and restaurants near where I live in Tokyo.

21:00:24 David approaching the beni imo tempura with some suspicion.

21:43:54 Next venue of the evening was Masako-san's bar, also near where I live. We were all drinking bottled beers, whereas Tim had a bucket of Hoegaarden.

21:44:23 Nicely done group shot here.

21:44:34 Same sort of thing again with a swap of photographers.

21:44:51 ....oh and it seems yet another was required!

22:40:12 Me with Masako-san (on the right hand side) and another girl who worked there called Yuka, who it turned out was also a model (and thus the magazine).

22:41:53 A delightful display of British sign language by the chaps, with some assistance from Masako-san and Yuka-chan.

22:55:55 The final venue of the evening was an izakaya opposite Masako-san's bar, where me and Shig had a fun time with the oshibori (wet towels).

22:56:32 David too was keen to join in.

22:56:45 ...and more of the same buffoonery ensued.

23:39:48 The tomato tempura - they originally told me they couldn't do it, but Shig was very persistent and I think the chef must have popped out to buy tomatoes. Excellent!

23:40:10 Very sweet picture of David and his wife Megumi-san to end on.