Tokyo December 2006

Soubetsukai - Tokyo December 2006


Thursday 14th December 2006

A few pictures taken on the evening of my soubetsukai (leaving party) which don't actually seem to include any of the party itself!

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17:53:44 On the way out of the office, a picture of the Japan team (a bit hard to see).

17:53:53 Same thing again, rather hurriedly taken

22:27:31 After the party, a select few of us continued the festivities with - guess what - a bout of karaoke.

23:10:55 Me and Tim really giving it some - possibly Bohemian Rhapsody.

23:11:04 Kono-san there is clearly a bit amused at the British approach to singing.

23:19:39 Not really sure why I took this!

23:29:48 David and Tim in some sort of a duet it seems.

23:43:34 Me, Tim and Shig's wife Kiruka-san.