Tokyo December 2006

Asakusa - Tokyo December 2006


Tuesday 12th December 2006

Pictures from another team lunch, and then later on a night out in Asakusa.

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12:02:09 Here's me and some colleagues at lunch.

12:02:27 Same sort of thing - and yes, Shig is sitting on my knee there.

12:34:53 A big group picture including most of the people I work(ed) with at the Japan office.

19:56:16 Later on that evening we decided to go for an evening out in Asakusa to show Tim a bit of the more traditional side of Tokyo.

20:01:56 There's the main building of Sensoji temple.

22:39:10 Here we are in Tanakasan's friend's restaurant.

22:39:30 A bit of British sign language.

01:16:40 Later on that evening, a rather spectacular picture of Tim and my manager in the karaoke place that is commonly referred to as TC' s bar.

03:02:28 Tim struggling to shake off his British upbringing (he put it back where he found it, I can assure you).