Tokyo December 2006

Lorenzo Ikebukuro - Tokyo December 2006

Lorenzo Ikebukuro

Sunday 3rd December 2006

An evening out in Ikebukuro with Chie and Lorenzo.

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18:45:09 So, here we are having dinner at Rohlan, and here's Chie serving out the rather delicious Hot and Sour soup.

18:45:45 A shot of the three of us, kindly taken by the waitress (actually I have a feeling she might be the manager).

18:51:04 A close-up on the famous fake tonkatsu - this is rediculously delicious.

21:41:37 A random picture taken on mine and Chie's way home - this lighting fixture had fallen off and was looking a bit dangerous.

21:41:53 Chie doing a sort of Tarzan impression or something.