Tokyo April 2006

Gadgets - Tokyo April 2006


Sunday 30th April 2006

A day spent staying in and messing about with dagets.

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11:31:54 Here is my new purchase, a 250GB external hard drive. It is lovely and slim and quiet, and above all "it just works".

12:14:21 Quite an array of USB devices lined up here now - I am running out of USB ports on my laptop. From left to right we have - my new external HD; my old external HD containing a backup of my the desktop I left in England; and finally the DVD burner I bought a couple of weeks back.

12:20:05 I find this picture a tad embarassing, but have left it in, in the interests of journalistic integrity.

15:40:33 Of course, having a number of devices can often mean requiring a number of power supplies!