Stone Henge and Salisbury

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Sunday 20th February 2005. A daytrip to Stone Henge followed by a visit to the cathedral in Salisbury.

14:02:19 Yuka and Miho looking really cold in front of Stone Henge.

14:06:42 ...the wind was really bitterly cold today.

14:18:36 Not exactly blue sky!

14:18:47 An attempt at a "moody" shot.

15:11:41 After Stone Henge we headed down to Salisbury - one of the gatehouses on the way to the cathedral.

15:14:35 Apparently the tallest spire in the UK, and therefore a bit hard to get in a picture!

15:14:46 Another go with some of the ground chopped off.

15:30:20 Nice cloistered bits...

15:31:10 An arty shot suggested by Chie...

15:32:04 ...and another.

20:23:45 Back at home, eating cake (I guess I thought this looked funny!)

20:25:04 ...Cake again.