Steve's Surprise 30th Barbeque

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Saturday 21st August 2004. A surprise barbeque for Steve's 30th birthday at Steve and Michelle's place.

21:33:18 Well whatever we tried to get a picture of here, it didn't really work.

21:33:36 So this is Kate then, who doesn't look exactly over the moon about having her picture taken.

21:33:44 Now this here is Mike, looking a bit shocked about having his picture taken.

21:33:50 Not sure what this is a picture of.

21:33:58 Me and Michelle, both looking quite drunk already.

21:34:44 A "girls" picture - Kate, Nicky, Susan and Michelle.

21:36:22 The sides of Michelle and Susan's heads.

21:49:24 A "boys" picture. This is the most confused I've ever looked whilst holding a salad bowl.

21:49:32 Kate forcibly looking a bit more chirpy at the prospect of being photographed.

21:49:53 A selection of Steve's friends, whose names I don't recall, with the exception of Johen (?) in the "Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife" (?!) t-shirt.

21:50:35 An assortment of people. I think Michelle was in charge of the camera at this point in time.

21:50:48 Yes we can blame this one on Michelle as well.

21:50:57 Yet more of Michelle's wandering about and taking pictures... Now I think this is Rich here on the left hand side, and another Steve on the right.

21:51:17 More people I don't really know.

21:51:40 Michelle doing me a great service by goading people into this "novelty shot".

21:52:14 Ok, now this wasn't necessary.

21:53:14 Michelle and Steve. Michelle here seemingly hanging on to Steve mainly out of affection, but partly out of the inability to stand up by herself.

21:53:49 I think Michelle had spilled some of Steve's drink over him, so here's Steve getting his revenge with some (hopefully red hot) barbeque tongs.

22:04:48 In a picture literally brimming with symbolism, Kate tries to force a sausage into Michelle's mouth.

22:05:00 Kate is clearly very pleased with herself.

22:06:05 Me eating a stolen sausage (for which I think I have to apologise to Johen). Not sure why I'm scowling here, possibly it is a look of disdain at the photographer (probably Michelle) trying to get me do something cheap and smutty, which is clearly beneath someone of my stature.

22:06:17 Yep, there's the sausage.

23:13:12 A nice small group picture.

23:16:34 Meanwhile in the kitchen, a bit of concept art was taking place, and I felt it necessary to distill the moment.

23:19:17 Very pleasing group picture.

23:19:33 On balance I think the first one was better.

23:19:48 Everybody milling about again post-contrived photo.

23:20:35 Michelle adjusting her frontage, it seems.

23:28:26 An interesting picture, where it at first seems the subject is obscured by this other camera in front, but actually you then realise you can in fact see Michelle on the screen of the other camera.

23:28:59 Again here the point is slightly lost given the angle...

23:29:06 ...but I'm pretty sure I caught it here. Good grief!

23:30:12 Michelle looking a bit deflated (boom boom!).

23:54:36 Not sure if it's a hug or a wrestling maneuvre.

23:54:49 Hmmmmm more like hug territory I think.

23:55:32 Aha, some dancing had begun.

23:55:50 Ermmm....?!?

23:59:41 Some of Steve's back.

00:10:33 Steph shaking some booty, so to speak.

00:14:41 Errr, my ability to compose pictures seems to have failed.

00:14:54 Another Steve and Michelle picture.

00:35:08 Yet again I seem to be taking a picture of Steve taking a picture.... worrying.

00:35:13 More dancing occurs. I must have spent a good hour dancing like an idiot... but a happy idiot, I'd like to point out.

00:43:23 Luckily I wasn't in any of the dancing pictures.

00:50:39 Ride em' cowboy. Er, cowgirl.

00:59:23 A slightly surreal moment I spent alone in the kitchen with this slug.

03:15:21 Whilst waiting outside for a taxi, Steve decided to come and take a picture of me. So I thought I'd return the favour.