St. Blaise's Day

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Thursday 3rd February 2005. A bizarre day out to celebrate St. Blaise's Day - the patron saint of sore throats (!).

14:10:57 The outside of St. Etheldreda's Church on Ely Place in Holborn. This is where the "Blessing of the Throats" ceremony is held - at 8am and 1pm apparently. So unfortunately I'd missed it by the time I got there.

14:12:57 That same window, as seen from the inside.

14:20:00 The ever marvellous Ye Olde Mitre on Ely Court - just round the corner from the church. It was just about warm enough to stand outside with my very nice pint of Broadside.

14:22:04 Apaprently the stone mitre up there was taken from the original Bishop's Residence.

15:03:47 The Gunmakers - the pub I stumbled across after Ye Olde Mitre. I'd forgotten to get a picture of it after walking off, until I got to this point, and was too lazy to walk back, thus it being down the end of the street here.

15:35:11 Another pub I just stumbled across - The Jerusalem Tavern. Lots of very interesting and unusual beers. I tried their Mild, which was very nice indeed.

20:13:12 Later on met up with Chie and Nozaki, plus a couple of Nozaki's students, for a curry.