Avebury - South Wales


Monday 6th September 2010

Driving back from South Wales by way of Avebury.

South Wales
10:58:09 Drove through the Wye Valley on the way back, including a very quick stop off at Tintern Abbey.10:59:01 11:00:30
14:10:47 ...and then later on we stopped off for a wander around Avebury.14:12:08 14:13:36
14:15:14 14:15:26 I guess everyone's pictures of Avebury end up looking very similar!14:18:36
14:30:39 14:30:47 14:53:42 Quite a pretty village as well, even without the ancient henge.
17:12:55 We also stopped off in Bray very quickly - this is the rather unassuming Fat Duck (we didn't eat here!).17:13:38 The menu at the Fat Duck - snail porridge etc.