Sunday in South Wales - South Wales

Sunday in South Wales

Sunday 5th September 2010

South Wales
12:38:50 Lunch at the Bear in Crickhowell.12:41:04 13:35:08
15:03:08 Went to visit the gardens of this house in the afternoon... I have forgotten the name though.15:04:57 Robin looking very much at home.15:06:41
15:11:22 15:25:51 15:39:50
15:40:03 15:50:48 Tea and cake in the courtyard of the house.17:54:16 A quick drive up the Blorenge before dinner....
17:56:29 Sheep.18:00:35 It was very misty on top!18:01:45
18:04:22 Don't get lost Yuka!18:11:28 The mist was only really on the top, much clearer as we came down the other side.18:11:58 Chie and Yuka larking about.
18:13:21 ...and me too.18:48:41 I think Chie must have been in charge of the camera here...18:48:49
20:28:40 Yes, definitely Chie in charge of the camera!20:29:05 22:16:49 That's me!