Saturday in South Wales - South Wales

Saturday in South Wales

Saturday 4th September 2010

Drove to South Wales in the morning, and had lunch at the excellent Boat Inn in the Wye Valley.

South Wales
11:23:16 The stereo in our hire car - what do all these obscure acronyms actually mean?13:54:55 Arrived in Redbrook, where the car park is for the Boat Inn, over the river in Penallt. In fact the river is also the border between England and Wales here - can't be many pub with the car park in England, but the actual pub in Wales!13:55:56 I've always loved this old footbridge bolted on to the side of an older railway bridge.
13:56:16 13:57:19 There's the Boat Inn. Just as I remember it!14:12:13 Outside the Boat Inn, with a selection of ciders.
14:19:58 Chie's excellent Ploughman's Lunch...14:20:03 ....and my excellent Pan Hagarty.14:20:15 Me, Chie and Yuka at the Boat.
14:47:49 15:03:52 Back over the bridge.15:06:51 Nice old car in the car park.
15:14:17 We thought we'd walk off launch with a quick haul up the hill to do a very short stretch of the Offa's Dyke Path.15:18:04 Very nice views down to the Wye Valley on the way up the hill..15:19:26 ...can see the bridge there.
15:22:06 15:35:49 Up on Offa's Dyke proper now.15:56:05
16:09:27 On the way back down again.