A Foray into Herefordshire - South Wales February 2010

A Foray into Herefordshire

Sunday 28th February 2010

Visited Baileys Home and Garden emporium and then lunch at the Lough Pool near Ross on Wye. Also popped into the Cherry Tree in Tintern on the way to the station.

South Wales February 2010

10:56:49 Me and Chie in the back of Robin's car.10:57:46 ....and there's Vera in the front.12:42:46 This is Baileys near Ross on Wye, a sort of Home and Garden store with a difference. Very interesting shop if you can afford it!
12:53:37 The fabulous Lough Pool Inn near Ross-on-Wye.12:53:47 ...and there it is again.12:54:52 Me, Robin and Vera outside the Lough Pool.
13:24:51 Inside the Lough Pool.14:15:58 A few interior shots of the Lough Pool.14:16:05
14:17:07 Chie's dessert.14:22:53 14:27:53
14:33:20 14:39:17 15:22:46 On the way to the station we discovered to our delight that the Cherry Tree in Tintern was open again...
15:22:52 ....albeit that the building had been extended quite considerably.15:27:34 ...this is in the original bit.15:27:44 From this angle, this part is largely unchanged. Was delighted to see it still here.