Patricio Church and Abergavenny - South Wales February 2010

Patricio Church and Abergavenny

Saturday 27th February 2010

Robin took us out for a bit of a run in the car around the Black Mountains, taking in the wonderful Patricio Church. Later on in the afternoon Chie and I went for a wander around Abergavenny.

South Wales February 2010

11:30:40 The view over to the Sugar Load that we were greeted with this morning. I never get tired of this view.12:27:21 The famous grey telephone box in Forest Coal Pit.12:27:43 ...which now seems to have a red door.
12:27:52 12:34:28 This is the rather lovely Patricio church.12:34:39 ...particularly nice today with the snowdrops out.
12:35:19 Vera in the porchway leading into the church yard.12:36:01 Me, Ver and Robin in the little porch.12:37:45 The view from the entrance to the church.
12:38:28 Inside the church - marvelous barrel vault (?!) roof and rood screen.12:40:16 I believe the rood screen dates back to the 16th century. The carving is rather wonderful.12:40:24 ...some original wall decorations too.
12:44:51 The dragons at one end of the rood screen.12:45:02 Apparently these churchyard crosses were largely done away with during the Reformation - this is a rare survivor.12:46:23 The cross as seen from outside - and it looks like I have a raindrop on my lens!
12:46:29 There's that rainddrop again!12:47:31 Snowdrops.12:47:37 ...and again.
12:47:43 The cross in silhouette.12:48:10 Vera and Chie outside the church.12:50:20 Heading back to the car.
12:50:37 One last view of the church before heading on.13:11:56 A quick lunchtime "snifter" at the Dragons Head Inn.13:12:01 There's the pub.
14:03:41 Back at the house for a late lunch now.15:20:59 Chie and I wandered into Abergavenny in the afternoon, here's the market hall.15:23:20 Close up on some sheep.
15:23:29 16:09:00 Rather nice blossom here.16:09:09