Smithfields Karaoke

Smithfields Karaoke

Saturday 3rd May 2008

An afternoon/evening with Gav, Leon Stew et al in and around Smithfields, to try out the new Karaoke Box there, with relevant eating and drinking either side.

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12:38:55 Kyle and Gav at Smith's of Smithfields. The four of us arrived somewhat earlier than the others (who had apparently missed a train coming from Canterbury) so we had an hour or so of schlepping about on the sofas.13:19:42 Mmmmm... Bloody Mary. None of us had a hangover, but we almost wished we did.14:15:11 Leon with his lunch. I don't recall what it was exactly, but it appears to have incorporated a fried egg. It is hard to tell where Leon's lunch stops and his head begins.

14:22:31 Yukari enjoying the chips. They were particularly good.14:59:13 Picture of our table just before we left.17:11:33 Later on in the karaoke place - I thought I ought to actually get some pictures in here...

17:30:12 ...and in the Japanese room...18:15:33 Hmmm I am reminded that dimly lit karaoke booths are not really conducive to good photographs!18:34:54 I think this may have been during our final song - which was of course the obligatory Bohemian Rhapsody.

18:46:19 There was a piano in the lobby of the karaoke place, and Yukari decided to have a quick tinkle on the ivories on the way out.18:46:55 What a fancy sign - this really was miles apart from the other Karaoke Box place in Soho.18:50:45 Errr.... Port of London Authority?

18:54:01 The 'wurst place in town - it would be impossible to think of a better sign for a place selling German sausages.18:57:42 In fact it was so good I thought it deserved a group photo.18:57:55 ...and another one. There's something quite marvelous about this picture.

19:46:15 Our final venue of the evening - the Cittie of Yorke.19:46:28 Yukari and Leon - and you can appreciate some of the lovely interior in this.19:48:15 More of the same.

20:27:30 Definitely straying into unnecessary picture territory here.21:27:26 On the way out, a couple of bizarrely jubilant pictures here. Well, it is a nice pub.21:27:29 Shame they're a bit blurry though.

21:27:32 Hmmm.21:27:35 OK I think it is time to put the camera away.21:27:43 So I guess the fact that I'm in it means Chie was taking these.

21:27:51 Stop woman, stop!21:27:56 Leon's got his hat on - we must be about to leave now.21:28:01 Right, last picture.