Seattle February 2006

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Saturday 25th February 2006 (Afternoon)

A drive around Mt. Rainier National Park.

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11:57 Not long after setting out, taken on the road somewhere near Bellevue.

12:00 The high rise tower blocks of Bellevue, WA.

13:09 On the way into Mt. Rainier National Park. Can see some snowy mountains in the distance already.

13:16 First stop off in the park to take in the view.

13:18 Me by the road side with the mountains behind.

13:25 I really liked this road winding its way through the snowy trees.

13:29 A river by the roadside.

13:29 Shig by the river.

13:30 Me by the river.

13:30 Me on a rock by the river.

13:39 Back on the road again...

13:43 The Mt. Rainier viewpoint - couldn't see much past the trees!

13:44 Could one of these be Mt. Rainier?

13:44 Or is it over there somewhere...?

13:48 One of these did seem to have some smoke coming out of it (although this could have just been mist I suppose).

13:49 Me with what we believed to be Mt. Rainier.

13:58 Further along the road, a half frozen waterfall.

13:58 Same again with a bit less zoom.

13:58 The further we went along the road, and the higher we climbed, the more wintery it got.

13:58 Erm, some trees?

13:58 A set of footprints.

13:58 Our car and the road.

13:59 Hard to capture some of the landscape in pictures...

14:08 Well, this pretty much marked the point beyond which we could proceed no further!

14:08 I think this road was pretty much closed for the winter.

14:09 Yep, that road is closed!

14:09 Me and the road closed sign.

14:09 Shig determined not to be held up!

14:20 We took a turning at the point the road was blocked, and followed a road further up into the mountains...

14:23 ...which ended at a ski resort!

15:07 On our way back we stopped off at a roadside cafe, for a very respectable burger.

15:30 Here's the little place we stopped in...

15:30 a picture of the sign for reference.

15:54 An interesting roadside sign... "Get US out of the United Nations" - how wonderfully progressive.

Saturday 25th February 2006 (Evening)

Curry and red wine at an Indian restaurant near the hotel.

20:48:51 Me and Shig went for a curry at the Indian restaurant near our hotel - plus I really fancied a bottle of red wine.

20:49:23 Here's me enjoying the slightly unusual mix of red wine and curry.

Sunday 26th February 2006

A day spent being a redneck!

14:16:09 One of my colleagues kindly invited me and Shig over to his house in the afternoon for a bit, where I had a great time venting my frustration on some logs.

14:16:27 No, they're not sunglasses - actually a kind of safety goggles.

14:16:49 This was a particularly persistent log.

14:17:08 ...I wasn't prepared to give up though.

14:17:27 A simulation of what I would look like as an axe wielding maniac.

14:18:03 Hmmm...

14:21:32 Maybe time to give up!

14:26:35 Shig took over and split a few logs.

14:27:18 I was hoping to catch more of an action shot of the moment metal hit wood...

14:27:24 ...but obviously that was not to be.

16:40:06 Feeding the horses.

16:40:29 Yes, they certainly like carrots...

16:40:38 Amusingly this horse was called Frank - great name for a horse!