Sunday in San Francisco. - San Francisco November 2010

Sunday in San Francisco.

Sunday 14th November 2010

Another day in SF.

San Francisco November 2010

09:14:54 Interesting wall mural. I think this district is referred to as "Tenderloin".09:49:41 Breakfast at a place called David's - not the place we actually wanted to go to, and thus the slightly unenthusiastic looks.14:33:25 We fared better for lunch though - a burger place in the Ferry Building. Here's the so-weak-they-don't-even-put-the-ABV-on-the-can beer I had with lunch.

14:35:40 A couple of burgers and some garlic fries. Actually quite tasty.14:37:55 Chie in the burger place.14:59:52 A bit later on, a sailing boat and the Bay Bridge.

14:59:59 More pictures of the bridge...15:00:10 16:44:06 ...and as the sun was starting to thinking about setting.