Touristy Day in San Francisco - San Francisco November 2010

Touristy Day in San Francisco

Saturday 13th November 2010

Quite a touristy day out on the Saturday of our trip to San Francisco, including a boat trip to the Golden Gate bridge.

San Francisco November 2010

10:44:13 The Ble and Gold boat that we were going on for a touristy boat trip.10:54:46 The Golden Gate bridge from a distance.10:54:54

10:55:34 There's San Francisco, as seen from the sea.10:58:02 Alcatraz over there in the distance.10:58:09 Close up on Alcatraz.

11:01:49 11:01:59 11:05:39 The Golden Gate Bridge in full. It's quite long so it's hard to just where to tak the best picture from!

11:09:32 Chie and the Golden Gate bridge.11:09:40 11:10:36

11:12:16 Interesting sky today.11:14:04 I rather like this shot of Chie with the big blue sky and wispy clouds behind her.11:22:56 Leaving the Golden Gate bridge now...

11:23:07 11:25:07 11:30:49 Part of Alcatraz.

11:31:53 11:33:05 11:33:51

11:34:50 11:34:57 I think this is the best shot I got of Alcatraz.13:14:43 Lunch at La Taqueria in the Mission - this place came highly recommended from my colleagues who live and work in SF.

13:38:40 15:04:31 This is in Alamo Square, quite a scenic neighbourhood of SF.15:05:10

15:06:34 15:11:24 Those houses are called the Painted LAdies.21:30:36 Odd picture taken much later on, with the Bay Bridge lit up in the distance.