Rich and Rosie's Wedding

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Saturday 31st July. Rich and Rosie's wedding, in rural Wiltshire. This was a genuinely lovely day, all the arrangements were just perfect, and even the weather was really good. It really couldn't have been better. OK, I did secretly hanker for a bouncy castle, but, no, other than that it was perfect.

15:21:29 My first picture of the day. Taken towards the end of the ceremony, when they were doing the signing of the register bit.

15:25:21 In the programme I mistakenly read this as the singing of the register, and had in mind a jolly addition to the traditional ceremony, whereby the congregation sing out loud the names of those signing the register, along with all the legal gumf inbetween.

15:25:39 ...but no, it was just a straightforward signing. No singing. Pity.

15:26:46 A badly lit picture of the new Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield making their way back down the aisle.

15:30:57 Outside the church now, here's Chie during the necessary flurry of photography that usually ensues at this point.

15:32:11 I actually took several of these posed pictures that the proper photographer bloke had been setting up, but most of them had somebody's (usually the photographer's) arm or head in the way. This is the only un-obstructed one, and to cap it off no-one is looking in my direction. Typical.

15:38:06 Me looking deeply confused by David's new camera, whilst Vanessa looks slightly less confused by Simon's.

15:38:15 David and Simon, from the side, presumably taken whilst I was taking a picture of them from the front... or not, as the case may be, given how I struggled to understand David's camera.

15:38:36 ...I'm still trying though, and that's what matters.

15:39:32 Some indecision here over whether our jackets should be buttoned up or left open...

15:39:46 ...and we seem to have settled for two going one way, and one of the other, so to speak.

15:40:41 Vanessa and Simon, at a slight distance.

15:41:04 David looking very pleased with his new (?) toy.

15:43:35 I think Chie was trying to avoid being in this picture.

15:45:54 Rich and Rosie, and some of the photographer's arm.

15:46:14 Chie talking to Vanessa and Simon, perhaps about how Japanese weddings work.

15:48:41 I rather liked this secondary backup spire. Presumably it is there in case the primary fails.

15:51:42 Rosie and her entourage begins to make their way away from the church.

15:54:31 Rich and Rosie by the gate. I don't often get these sun spots or whatever you call them, but they seem to have plagued most of these pictures down by the gate.

15:54:40 I think the arch might be drawing attention away from the sun spot thingy slightly here...

15:54:50 I bet the proper photographer's version of this looked better. Probably because he wasn't constantly getting in the way of his own pictures.

15:54:56 There are two possible explanations for the existence of this photograph. (A) I thought the photographer might feel a bit left out, always taking pictures of other people, and never having any taken of him (at least not deliberately). (B) I had by this time become so frustrated with all the pictures of his elbow, shoulder, and back of his head, that I thought I ought to just bite the bullet and take one with the whole of him in.

15:56:46 I just about caught the confetti here. Again the proper photographer's was better because (A) he was calling the shots, so to speak, and (B) he had made a defensive wall of guests around Rich and Rosie to prevent other photographers moving in on his territory, as is clearly demonstrated here.

15:59:04 As my bitterness over the photographer subsided, the horse drawn carriage pulled up to whisk Rich and Rosie away (well, to the reception at least). I secretly wish I'd thought of this idea first.

15:59:13 The horse and carriage and crowd of well-wishers.

15:59:35 A front on view, largely of the horse.

15:59:46 Should, for complex legal reasons, Rosie at a later date be required to provide evidence that she didn't in fact marry Rich, this picture could be very handy, as Rich is, by pure chance, entirely obscured...

16:00:29 ...and indeed in this picture it could be postulated that it was an entirely different couple's wedding.

16:00:37 That's a little better, a tad blurred but at least you can see the pair of them!

16:14:57 This was taken at speed, as me and Chie passed Rich and Rosie in the car. I was pretty close to getting it, wasn't I?

16:25:57 On arrival at the reception venue, by a happy coincidence, me and Chie managed to get a sneaky opportunity to have a sit in the carriage. Hope nobody minds!

16:31:25 In the gardens of the place where the reception was held. I think the official photographer was still hanging around, so this is probably one of the pictures the couple were posing for him.

16:31:42 ...and again. Perhaps with a bit of cropping this could be very nice!

16:35:58 More of a picture of people taking pictures than anything else really.

16:42:08 I had "borrowed" Rich's sunglasses for a while. I grew rather fond of them, and did consider pretending he'd never given them to me in the first place, but the fact that I was wearing them might have been a bit of a giveaway.

16:42:12 A slightly moodier version of the same thing.

16:49:26 David fiddles with his camera, whilst Vanessa fiddles with Simon.

16:52:20 Chie by the fountain, which apparently contained apples, according to Chie.

16:53:14 I wanted to get a picture of the general loveliness of all the greenery, however Chie (or more precisely Chie's arm) had other ideas.

16:53:20 ... I also wanted to record just how nice and blue the sky was.

16:53:39 David and Simon looking very grown up.

17:01:15 Chie having a wander through the gardens.

17:01:22 What life is like on the other side of the hedge. Er, yes, that is meaningless. Sorry.

17:01:44 This is me "larking about". Nice shadow.

17:02:14 Chie wanted to take a picture of the grass. Good on her, I say.

17:02:27 I secretly quite like this picture, which has a sort of catalogue feel about it, I think. Probably a catalogue for pesticides or gardening implements, but a catalogue nonetheless.

17:02:55 Me 'twixt two sections of a hedge, as Shakespeare might have said.

17:37:35 Right, well we seem to be sitting down for dinner now. Please note I wasn't permanently located here, as my seat wasn't either (A) very low or (B) uncomfortably close to the people either side of me. I just thought I ought to make that clear.

17:41:31 Mmmmmm... le vin rouge. Looks like I've finished my soup then.

17:41:45 Me and David.

17:45:08 I'm rather fond of this picture of Rich and Rosie, sitting at the top table. It is pleasingly "light hearted".

17:45:18 A slightly more traditional pose, but still nice nonetheless.

18:02:00 Simon and Chie presenting their main courses.

18:12:12 I look a tiny bit rascally here, I think.

18:12:19 I was rather pleased here, as without having to say anything I got a vegetarian main course. Thanks Rich and Rosie!

18:42:10 Dessert, which was rather nice.

18:42:24 Chie, her dessert, and a camera.

18:51:22 Just the camera really. No idea why this picture was necessary... but that's never stopped me before, of course.

19:01:03 The cutting of the cake, which I took rather badly, I'm afraid. Ho, hum.

19:13:32 Ahhhh the speeches... Well this is Rich giving his speech...

19:24:06 ...and this is best man Mark giving his speech.

19:43:20 After dinner me and Chie wandered back outside for a bit of fresh air.

19:43:36 Chie seems to be drinking coffee here.

19:44:37 The house, as seen from the little bench we were having a rest on. Rather nice don't you think?

19:50:44 This and the next picture form a very simple animation...

19:50:54 ...of David moving close to us. Pointless, I know, but it amused me nonetheless.

20:06:26 Well, it looks like we've found the bar. Excellent work, Chie.

20:41:43 Rich and Rosie having the first dance, as tradition dictates. I vaguely remember it was a Ronan Keating song, which did unfortunately invite a little derision from some of Rich's more cruel friends. I of course said nothing.

20:42:17 I think this is still the first dance bit.

20:42:41 Look Barry has arrived!

21:03:33 I'm not sure what this little gazebo was actually here for, but it did seem to entice some of the gents to go and stand under it, for no apparent reason.

21:03:51 General frivolity out on the patio.

21:04:59 I think there is a plan afoot here to see how many men they can get underneath this gazebo. Given the current count of just five, it is clearly not one of the world's more ambitious plans.

21:05:14 Is it getting darker perhaps?

21:05:58 A nice picture of girls - Heather, Vanessa and Chie.

21:18:30 I think Chie wanted to recreate this picture from last year's christmas party, where apparently I look like a middle aged man. Unfortunately the first attempt was a little too grumpy.

21:18:49 The second attempt was better, but still not quite there.

21:19:32 A blurry picture of Chie.

21:23:53 A sneaky picture of Bazza and Heather, over the bar.

21:28:02 Back outside again then, it would appear.

22:03:58 Barry wanted to take a picture of me holding Chie's bag. Strange lad.

22:13:25 A pleasingly dynamic picture, on the dancefloor, probably during The Darkness.

22:31:19 Chie eating a sandwich.

22:39:21 Chie and Simon leaning over the bar.

22:40:51 Now then, the bar had a very respectable selection of whisky, at very reasonable prices. So island malts (Lagavulin and Talisker) became the order of the day towards the end of the evening, which as you can imagine, pleased me no end.

22:51:24 Not sure what warranted the growly hand gestures here.

22:53:30 I'm very fond of this picture - look how happy (or drunk!) we all are!

22:58:36 Barry making his usual mistake of confusing lip gloss and cigars.

22:59:06 Quite why I had to wear the lip gloss, I'm not sure.

23:00:49 Barry plus girls. Lovely.

23:01:10 The same picture with me instead of Barry. I think I'm still wearing lip gloss here as well.

23:17:58 Possibly The Darkness again...?

23:18:13 Chie looks on a little confused.

23:18:20 I think they've stopped.

23:20:06 Well the evening is starting to wind down, at least in terms of the music (I suspect the drinking carried on for a good few hours). So here is the stereotypical slow dance at the end. Can't remember what the music was, but probably not Megadeth.

23:47:46 The last picture I took, just before me and Chie headed home, pleasingly including most, if not all, of the "young folk". Marvellous.