Regent's Park Theatre

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Friday 24th August 2001. An evening spent in Regent's Park, within walking distance of where I lived at the time. We had a nice picnic on the grass first, and then watched A Midsummer Night's Dream in the Open Air Theatre. Very nice.

17:42:52 Here's me with what looks to be a jar of pickle in one hand and some sort of biscuit or bread in the other.

17:47:33 Chie lounging about on our makeshift picnic blanket. We use this as a tablecloth normally.

17:48:27 I seem to be laughing here.

18:05:14 Chie again, looking quite summery. A few benches in the background.

18:06:41 Me, with some bottles in the foreground.

18:06:50 Same again really, but a bit darker.

18:32:43 Chie taking a self-portrait.

18:33:01 I think I was on the phone to Vera, my grandmother, here.

18:33:35 Yes, this is meant to be upside down.

18:38:27 I think Chie is trying to get both of us in a picture here, and it looks like I'm still on the phone.

18:38:56 ...similar thing again.

18:39:33 ...and again!

18:50:10 Chie has a nice relaxing lie down.

18:53:18 A picture of some of the assorted things we had with us.

19:01:44 Chie.

19:02:39 Chie, with me possibly resting my head on her knee.

19:03:01 Same as before.

19:21:32 Ichigo! (Strawberries, that is)

19:21:50 Chie's necklace.

19:44:35 A picture of the open air theatre itself. A really lovely venue for a bit of Shakespeare!

19:44:55 Me and Chie, just before the play started. Note also the anonymous stranger in the background.