Radstock Reunion - Radstock Reunion

Radstock Reunion

Saturday 12th July 2008

A reunion back in Reading of former Radstock Road inmates, 10 years after most of us graduated.

Radstock Reunion

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12:23:28 Here's Chris, Rob and Kate getting the bus from Rob's house to campus.12:23:32 ...and there's Tim too!12:23:37 Lox and Chiara enjoying the scenic tour of Reading's suburbs.

12:23:51 Me and Mr. Jon Ellis!12:23:54 ...and again...12:24:03 ...and again.

12:32:13 Here we are on campus now, at the Pepper Lane entrance.12:33:22 Hmmm I think this is me taking a picture of Tim who is taking a picture of Rob who is taking a picture of the rest of us. Using his self timer. And a weird little tripod type thing.12:36:24 Lox, Rob, Chris, Tim and Jon posing besides the comp sci / cybernetics building.

12:37:55 A few staged pictures in front of the Department of Computer Science sign were apparently required.12:38:26 I think I look a bit like Les from Vic Reeves' Big Night Out here. I appear to be ushering the sign.12:38:55 Here follows some attempts to have pictures of me and Tim in mid-air whilst standing next to the sign.

12:39:07 ...with at least 50% success here.12:48:41 Clearly signs were very much flavour of the month. Here's the Student's Union sign, the union itself having changed quite dramatically since we were here last.12:48:46 Tim showing some degree of disapproval toward this sign. It doesn't used to be here when we were students, it was just a patch of open grassland...

12:48:53 General discontent at the sign.12:52:47 The union, a silhoetted tree (that was there before) and a nice sky.12:53:18 Lorenzo was particularly displeased by the presence of the "Dolche Vita espresso bar".

13:04:43 Now this is Child's Hall - beneath this window is the site of a little piece of our shared history - where some female friend of Omar's made disparaging marks about us on the basis we were studying computer science.13:04:53 Not sure Tim really know whose side he is on!13:17:54 Here's cemetery junction!

13:23:33 ....and here is the house where we used to live, on Radstock Road.13:24:23 The chaps milling about outside.13:25:19 This is actually the fridge freezer that was in the house when we were living there...

13:25:28 ...we could recongise it because of the dents Raj inflicted on it with a BB gun.13:28:00 Time for some recreations of old classic Radstock photos...13:28:09 ....and more of the same (from moving in day, I believe).

13:28:22 ...and again...13:28:25 ....this is meant to be the one of Tim herding a table. Clearly as we didn't have a table to hand we'll just have to resort to Photoshopping it in later.13:29:19 The 20p egg machine across the road from the house.

13:29:27 ...in which Tim lost 20p and got nothing in return, on this occasion.13:29:54 Hargun's! Our local corner shop when we lived on Radstock Road. They seem to have a new sign!13:34:20 Tim and Rob outside the house on Cholmeley Road where I lived for a year after we all moved out of Radstock Road (not so happy memories of this one...).

13:40:22 Lox down by the canal, on our standard walk from Radstock Road into town.13:40:26 Same again.13:40:35 Those magic gas drum things that go up and down.

13:57:02 Me and yet another sign. Ahem.15:54:34 This is actually the second pub of the afternoon (I forgot to take any pictures in the place where we had lunch). It's the George Hotel, a place we occasionally frequented when we were students.15:54:52 The George again...

18:30:40 Next stop was the Purple Turtle. A bit odd to be here before midnight, but in many ways much more pleasant.19:25:19 We just didn't seem to be able to get past out fascination with signs today. I'm sure there must be something in that.19:25:31 Not sure I framed this quite right. Oh well.

19:26:19 Outside the Purple Turtle.19:41:36 Our next stop off was the Hobgoblin, which didn't seem to have changed at all.19:57:51 ...and whilst there we bumped into Curt and Keith - quite appropriately as they were running the society through which some of us met in the first place.

20:33:53 A nice little rainbow.20:38:40 We decided as a special treat for Lorenzo we'd have dinner at Pizza Express.20:38:46 Clearly by this point in the day we had started to become a little unmanageable.

20:44:04 Tom looks really quite worried here.21:32:45 Here's Lorenzo eating a pizza OUTSIDE OF ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!21:33:06 ...and again with the flash on, so you can actually see it.

01:25:29 Well we did go to one other pub after Pizza Express (The Sun?), but apparently I neglected to take any pictures therein. So here we are later on back at Rob and Kate's house, and there's the dog.02:21:50 Tim seems to have dropped off.