Monday - Paris December 2008


Monday 8th December 2008

A quick look at the view from the rooftop terrace at the Hotel Raphael, then a boat trip on the Seine, lunch at the Au General Lafayette, another boat trip, and then back to Gare du Nord to get the train back to London.

Paris December 2008

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11:44:17 The roof terrace atop the Hotel Raphael is officially closed for the winter, but they let us take a peek so we could enjoy the view.11:44:42 Well the view doesn't look all that nice from this angle -Paris is very much a city designed to be enjoyed from street level!11:44:47 ...can see the Arc de Triomphe here.

11:45:21 The Eiffel Tower behind that building.11:45:26 ...hmmm nothing in particular here.11:45:42 This one is a bit nicer - some of the not-so-interesting buildings obscured by the wall here, and a bit of foliage in the foreground.

11:47:12 Chie on the chessboard.11:47:33 The Eiffel Tower very visible from this bit of the terrace.11:48:45 I imagine this would be a lovely place to sit in the summer.

12:06:29 The Eiffel tower again, this time taken from the metro.12:06:36 Shame about the dirty window!12:16:49 Well you have to take at least one picture like this when in Paris.

12:19:46 Some gratuitous Eiffel Tower pictures.12:21:31 I thought it might be interesting to have these two signs framing the tower, but it looks a bit crap in the end.12:42:48 On a boat now. Very touristy.

12:42:56 Can see the tower still. Just.12:50:17 Getting off the boat after our short trip along the Thames (we had a "hop on, hop off") sort of ticket.12:54:43 The Seine, there's the Musee D'Orsy on the other side.

13:03:06 In the Tuileries.13:03:18 ...and again, a rather sad looking fountain.13:03:31 Chie briefly enjoying a sit down.

13:04:09 I was rather cross with this bird, who up until a second before I took this picture was perches very contentedly atop this statue.13:06:20 I like these Metropolitan signs.13:56:12 Au General Lafayette, where we had lunch. We'd actually been here on our previous visit to Paris.

13:59:03 Lunch - Chie had French Onion soup, I had a mushroom omelete with a salad and some frites.14:19:55 Chie behind these interesting water heater things.14:24:44 The coffee was rather nice again. They do at least seem to have decent coffee in France, even if the food generally leaves something to be desired.

15:57:22 Chie was determined we'd have another quick trip along the Seine, so after lunch and a spot of shopping we headed back down to the river and caught the boat from Hotel de Ville.16:21:08 Almost the first glimpse of a sunset here.16:21:14 There's the Eiffel Tower yet again.

17:17:13 ...and back at Gare du Nord, from where we got the Eurostar back to London.