Saturday - Paris December 2008


Saturday 6th December 2008

First day in Paris, arrived by Eurostar around lunchtime. Met up with Benoit for dinner in the evening.

Paris December 2008

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13:24:12 Chie in the now standard Eurostar picture, at Gare du Nord.14:43:19 Chie on the metro on the way to our hotel.15:18:09 By the side of our hotel, just after checking in, we were intrigued by this public bike rental system they have in Paris.

15:18:20 A couple of those bikes up close.15:34:43 A heron in a little park near Bercy.16:08:24 Lunch at a place in the Bercy village shopping centre.

16:40:00 Not sure what the donkeys were here for.16:52:41 Heading into the centre of Paris, one of the many bridges over the Seine. Reminded me a bit of kintaikyo in Japan.16:53:54 The bridge again from a slightly different angle.

18:44:26 Bon Marche - a department store in the centre of Paris. I liked the lights here, although they didn't really come out that well in this picture.19:35:12 You can't beat a little turret like this.19:35:32 Quite an appealing looking restaurant frontage to the right hand side as well.

19:43:35 Notre Dame, not very well lit in this picture.19:49:41 That's better! The Christmas tree was rather nice too.19:50:13 ...even better still I think.

19:56:55 Close up on the Christmas tree.20:01:33 Notre Dame from the side.20:04:01 ...and almost from the back.

20:04:27 On Chie's map it said this was a good place for a view of Notre Dame - I think it probably meant by day.21:19:41 Aha! This is my former colleague Benoit - I'd emailed him last minute to let him know we were coming to Paris, and luckily he was free this evening. So here we are in a very French bistro, looking very French indeed.22:09:55 Chie with her Tarte Tatin. She rather liked this apparently.

22:10:19 A picture Benoit took of the two of us (no we don't know those other people).22:30:30 Chie and Benoit outside the restaurant.22:30:52 Me and Chie outside the restaurant.

22:41:25 A couple of buildings we walked past on our way to a bar to have another drink...22:41:35 ...and another. Apparently lots of famous French people buried here.