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Saturday 2nd April 2005. A day out in London including pancakes at My Old Dutch in Holborn, a quick trip to Greenwich, and a pint at the Red Lion near the Palace.

14:38:47 Pancakes at My Old Dutch in Holborn. Chie with her sweet panacake, which included "Advocate" (did they mean advocat).

14:39:03 Mine - a savoury one - halloumi and tomatoes. Sort of half way between a pancake and a pizza really. Interesting.

14:39:07 Two pancakes.

15:56:20 Chie wanted to go on the DLR, so we went top Greenwhich really for no other reason than that. Whilst there we thought we ought to at least pretend to be interested in the place.

16:26:50 The Meridian line - not as good as I remember it as a kid.

16:27:55 A view out over to Canary Wharf.

16:27:59 Another view...

16:28:05 ...and another.

19:59:44 Much later on, after I'd been to the whisky society and Chie had been to get her hair cut, we met up to try out this pub - The Red Lion, on Crown Passage. Very close to St. James's Palace.

20:00:01 Chie in the Red Lion. There was a nice atmosphere and a very decent selection of single malts here. Definitely worth another visit!