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Friday 5th March 2004. Intended as a repeat performance of our previous Oxford outing. Not much of a pub crawl in the end though, as we only actually managed two pubs.

20:15:17 This appears to be Simon, Stewart and Duncan in Pizza Express enjoying some Valpolicella.

20:15:46 Me and Kev, both enjoying having strange facial expressions.

20:21:53 En route to the Turf Tavern here I believe. Simon, Duncan and Kev are in the foreground, and Dilys, Graham and Stewart are over to the right in the background.

20:42:48 In the Turf Tavern now it appears, or to be more precise, out the back of the Turf Tavern. Here's a jolly looking Simon, and a suspicious looking Kev.

20:49:32 Me looking a bit rediculous, and Stewart hiding his face.

21:01:43 Duncan, who had recently escaped from Colditz, and Kev, who hadn't.

21:02:10 Duncan and Kev again, with a bit more intensity.

21:03:32 Yes, it wasn't long before we met some Japanese friends. I quite enjoy Simon's face grinning in the background here.

21:04:39 Having a conversation about all things Japanese it seems.

21:10:44 ...and still much the same.

22:25:25 It would be frankly impossible to meet Japanese friends without this kind of group picture.

22:25:38 ...Simon who was handling the camera at this point generously took two to be on the safe side.

22:53:50 At the station, an odd picture to finish on. Simon got an earlier train than me and Kev, and this is meant to be a picture of him, but it seems to have picked up far more of me in the reflection.