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Friday 3rd September 2004. Another night out in Oxford with Duncan and Kev.

19:05:26 The usual kick off in the Antiquity Hall. Here Duncan is carefully perusing the pub walk leaflet thing I had brought with me.

20:14:39 Dinner, again following the tried and tested night out formula, in Pizza Express.

20:15:00 I seemed to be really struggling to get a sharp picture of Duncan. Maybe he just couldn't stay still!

20:16:34 I, on the other hand, have come out very sharp.

20:19:08 Duncan blurred again, but me sharp as before.

20:19:16 Definitely a pattern emmerging here! Still, nice lighting nonetheless.

20:19:26 Duncan took over the camera here to get some "arty" shots.

20:19:35 On reflection, the apres-wine-beer was probably unnecessary.

20:19:40 Look, we left a tip and everything.

20:19:47 Very, erm, interesting pose here.

20:19:53 More blurry randomness...

20:19:59 ...and more.

20:20:05 ...and yet more.

20:20:14 Duncan looking a bit serious.

20:24:21 Now I think this next pub was called the Wheatsheaf, pleasingly tucked down a little alley, as Kev and Duncan are illustrating here.

20:24:45 You can almost make out the sign here - it looks fairly wheatsheafy.

20:38:16 Kev in the Wheatsheaf, looking slightly vicious.

20:38:40 Me, looking the most buffoony I have for quite a while.

20:41:05 On the way to the Bear now, yet more alleys. Brilliant.

20:52:57 I'm really rather fond of this picture, taken by Kev. The Bear was so good they even had Hancock's HB. Lovely.

21:04:13 Me, and some rubbish.

21:06:30 On the way into the Turl Bar now.

21:11:14 Duncan and Kev engaged in what appears to be a very heated debate, in the Turl Bar.

21:11:32 Kev looks odd, and I look confused by Kev's oddness.

21:25:03 Kev and Duncan...again.

21:34:28 Some other occupants of the pub.

21:38:30 Duncan casting me a fairly critical gaze.

21:44:02 Of course no trip to Oxford would be complete without the random picture of me and some Japanese women.

21:44:09 I think Kev took this by accident.

21:46:22 Kev and Duncan pretending (I'd like to emphasize the pretending here) to relieve themselves against this makeshift wall.

21:46:42 ...and again, but with more lewd hand gestures.

22:11:02 The last pub of the evening was, of course, the Turf Tavern.

22:12:43 I think we're trying to recreate the pretend urination shot, however, I seemed to find this very difficult.

22:13:08 Probably taken by accident.

22:13:15 Again, not really the right pose/angle on my part here.

22:13:27 Hmmm...

22:13:44 Errrr....?

22:13:51 Things seem to have got a bit random here.

22:15:16 A close-up of some beer drinking action.

22:16:02 Nope, I still wasn't getting it.

22:57:44 Back on the train now, and heading home. I'm looking a bit confused as well - it was quite an odd evening, I suppose. Odd, but great.