Oxford Saturday

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Saturday 7th August 2004. A pretty disjointed set of pictures. This was a sort of all-day event in honour of Gav's birthday, at which I only dained to take pictures right at the start and right at the end. So we have a few pictures in the Head of the River late afternoon, then some in the wee hours of the morning in the Zodiac.

14:49:08 Chie, who impressed Leon with her ability to put away this rather large burger.

14:51:14 Leon, possibly getting up to some sort of mischief behind Gav's back.

15:36:17 Nice picture of Leon and Yukari.

16:09:50 There was a spider and a wasp having a fight on this post, but unfortunately it didn't really come out.

16:21:30 Our table became something of a wasp graveyard...

16:29:44 Wasp trapped in a glass. I'm sure this wasn't doing much good for the table's karma.

01:31:57 Much, much later on, here we are in the Zodiac club. Chie and Yukari.

01:32:08 Sam and Stewart.

01:32:34 A slightly demonic picture of me and Anna.

01:33:22 A less demonic picture of me and Anna.

01:37:28 Me and Leon, doing the "three mini fillets" thing, I still didn't really understand.

01:45:44 Me, looking quite drunk/knackered, with the remnants of a cocktail I believe was a White Russian.

01:46:16 Me and Leon.

01:47:42 Same sort of thing again.

01:48:31 Anna looking tired.

01:49:56 Japaneseness abounds.

01:50:25 The side of Sam's face.

01:50:59 Yukari looking a bit stunned or something.

01:51:38 The side of Yukari's face.

01:53:43 Sam being indecisive about which shot to drink.

03:18:37 To round the evening off somewhat perfectly... Our car broke down on the A34, and we had to be towed the rest of the way home. Marvellous!