Japanese Food in Oxford

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Friday 6th August 2004. An evening trip to Oxford, to meet up with Leon, Gav, etc, for a spot of Japanese food at the rather excellent Gashi Gashi.

19:23:26 On the train on the way to Oxford, Chie and Kev both well prepared, with a train beer each.

19:24:10 Chie and me, and more train beers.

20:00:43 In Oxford now, and we immediately hopped in a taxi to take us to the Cowley Road area of town. Here's Gav examining his phone.

20:00:50 Me, in the taxi.

20:00:54 A blurred shot of Kev in the taxi.

20:17:23 It seemed prudent to pop into the rather excellent Cricketer's Arms for a couple of "sharpeners" before dinner. The barman here was quite superb - "Can I recommend pints of beer, it's the barman's suggestion tonight". Nice.

20:20:23 Chie, who ended up with a Passoa and Orange Juice, rather than pints of beer.

20:58:56 Time to fit in a quick "Man, Horse!" before we headed off to the restaurant.

21:20:34 In Gashi Gashi now. Gav and his old man's mug of beer (Kirin I believe). Good work sir!

21:21:27 Kev, Chie and Yukari, with Mount Fuji in the distance (of course"). Note the bottles of Orion, beer from Okinawa, in the foreground. It was the first time I'd tasted this unusual delight and it was verrrrry nice.

21:27:52 Gav and Kev leaf through the menu at their leisure.

21:33:22 I think this is Leon doing "free ebi fry!", I wasn't really that sure what it was all about.

21:33:31 Gav also joins in on the "free ebi fry".

21:37:21 Yukari making complex decisions about maki sushi.

21:55:31 Looks like our food has arrived, and very good it was too.

21:55:38 A few maki sushi, some edamame, some tofu steak, and I think shiitake tempura. A bit further back Leon is man-handling some gyoza.

22:00:11 Leon enjoying the last piece of Maguro sushi.

22:00:28 Gav not looking at all impressed that Leon is enjoying the last piece of maguro sushi.

22:13:47 Our table again, looks like we've pretty much cleaned up now.

22:14:13 Gav picks at something obscured by those little wooden platforms.

22:18:32 I think this is a gochiso sama deshita from Yukari here.

22:19:51 A "serious" picture of me and Leon, which I kind of like.

22:20:32 The old stabdard "I thought you were changing at Crewe" pose.

22:20:51 Two ebi fry?

22:30:21 A nice picture of everyone on our table (apart from me), which also shows some of the restaurant as well.

22:30:44 ...and the same again - lovely.

22:31:04 One with me in, instead.

22:38:30 Realising we were in danger of missing our train, we made a swift exit, and bundled ourselves into the nearest free taxi.

22:39:56 A blurry picture of me and Kev in the taxi.

22:43:51 The picture with the bull has become something of a tradition on our visits to Oxford. Tonight I'm particularly enjoying Kev's vet-like stance. Good work.

22:58:17 On the train on the way back.

23:08:47 Me going to the toilet.

23:41:59 Me relaxing...

23:42:05 ....errr the same again.

23:42:27 Kev doing a very convincing recreation of my pose.

23:44:18 A rather unusual picture to end on. It appears someone had stuffed a t-shirt into this pint glass. How odd.