Oxford with Gav

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Thursday 10th February 2005. I fancied a night out, so slinked over to Oxford for a spot of dinner and a few drinks with Gav. Started off with some Japanese food at Edamame, then went on to a couple of pubs - the Turf followed by the Bear, and then the Wheathsheaf, and finished up at some dodgy Indie club whose name I've forgotten.

19:27:39 In Edamame, where Thursday night is sushi night. Here's Gav with a bit of an array of assorted sushi, plus the mandatory hot sake.

19:28:03 Me with some pickles and that.

19:32:55 The food here was very good - I would definitely go again.

19:47:33 Mmmmm some lovely cold Asahi.

19:51:09 Excellent!

20:06:20 Gav outside Edamame.

20:54:02 Next stop was the Turf Tavern, where we sat out the back by these brazier (brasier?) things.

20:54:37 Mmmmm smokey!

20:56:57 These things really put out a lot of heat!

22:28:09 Next up was the Bear, and I even seem to have convinced Gav into drinking whisky somehow, it would appear.

22:29:11 A rather posh Oxford student looks on as Gav puckers up to a glass case full of school ties.

22:32:50 I couldn't resist the temptation to get a picture with our new found exceedingly posh friends. They were great - one of them even said "I do hope my father doesn't see this" - excellent!

22:32:59 The other side of the posh table.

22:48:22 It appears we did in fact bundle into another further different pub for last orders - I believe this is the Wheatsheaf.

22:48:40 Me in the Wheatsheaf. It was here that I realised I'd missed the last train, and had to face the wrath of Chie on the phone... Oh well!

23:42:02 Well, now I was stuck here for the night it seemed only good and proper to make the most of it, so on we went to some club or other. I'm not really sure what the point of this picture is...

23:42:07 I don't actually remember what this club was called.

23:47:58 I think we got some random person to take this picture for us.

23:48:43 This girl had started talking to Gav, if I recall correctly, and all we had asked was for her to be in a picture... I don't remember saying anything about tongues...

00:00:38 Gav again.

00:01:08 I have no recollection of who this random person is, or why I was prompted to adopt such an unusual pose here. In fact the more I look at this picture, the more it frightens me.

00:01:29 Bloody hell, I remember those sodding Long Island Ice Teas... I really tried to persuade Gav I didn't want it, but he just wouldn't listen. Not sure how well this picture conveys that message.

00:07:27 Oh yes - we played some sort of shooty shooty game. I think I was really crap at this, partly down to me being really quite drunk, and partly down to me being just as crap at this sort of thing when sober.

00:09:52 Gav amidst the crowds.

01:01:20 Just after leaving the club. It turns out both Gav and I have a mutual love of the West Cornwall Pasty Co. Unfortunately, along with all other respectable businesses, it was of course closed at this time.