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Tuesday 15th March 2005. A day out sightseeing in Oxford, followed by a mini pub crawl and a Lebanese meal in the evening as a sort of small scale birthday celebration.

11:42:32 A view out over the spires and rooftops of Oxford from Carfax tower.

11:42:40 More Oxford rooftops.

11:43:03 Yuka with more rooftops in the background.

11:49:56 Graffiti on the roof of Carfax Tower apparently left by a Japanese tourist.

11:51:43 Yuka coming down the spiral staircase in Carfax Tower.

11:52:44 Another spiral staircase in Carfax Tower.

12:04:33 Yuka outside the entrance to Christchurch College.

12:09:06 Nice bit of cloistering inside Christchurch College.

12:09:12 Cloisters again.

12:09:38 A view of one of the spires of Christchurch from within the college.

12:12:44 The main quadrangle in Christchurch.

12:35:45 Outside the dining hall, Yuka looking a bit upset because it was closed to visitors (we ended up going back later on).

12:44:12 I rather liked the view down this narrow street, to the blossom covered tree at the end.

12:55:54 Radcliffe's Camera, I think.

12:56:21 Errr, forgotten what this spire is part of.

13:44:43 The good old Bridge of Sighs...

13:48:08 ...which is very close to one of the alleyways leading to the Turf Tavern.

14:04:31 Yuka wanted to visit the Oxford University Natural History Museum.

14:05:04 Me being threatened by a dinosaur.

14:26:42 Apparently these are elephants...

14:26:46 ...and again.

14:37:21 I found out something new as well. The categorisation of mammal which includes the Duck-billed Platypus is Monotreme. Presumably this is Latin for "bloody awkward to categorise". Apparently, only two other types of animal belong in this category - the two species of Echidna, a kind of anteater, one of which is pictured here.

14:37:44 Delightfully British - get a group of animal skeletons together and they form a queue.

14:37:49 Errr, still waiting then.

15:07:04 There is something deeply satisfying about having an aquatic dinosaur named after you - behold Plesiosaurus Hawkinsi. Of course, the observent amongst you will be bursting to point out this is in fact a Thalassiodragon, but I've never been one for splitting hairs...

15:57:04 A little later on, we decided to go back to Christchurch College for a look at the dining hall, of Harry Potter fame (although I wouldn't know, having never seen any of the films).

16:02:29 I liked the "THIS WAY" sign here.

16:02:35 This must be a really charming place to have dinner in.

17:45:36 As the sun was well over the yard arm, it seemed like high time to put down the guidebook, and pick up a pint glass instead. So here we are for starters in the King's Arms.

17:46:04 Me enjoying some beer whose name I don't remember in the King's Arms.

18:19:32 We also thought it prudent to pop briefly into the White Horse...

18:20:10 ...so here's me in there too.

18:32:07 Outside the White Horse.

18:40:49 After this we progressed on to the Turf Tavern, which had these wonderful fire basket things outside. Very smokey to start with!

18:48:08 A moody shot of me and a fire thing.

18:54:56 Mmmmm fire.

20:02:22 After meeting up with Gav and Chie, we headed over to Du Liban for a spot of Lebanese food.

20:09:06 Our selection of dishes, very nice it was too.

21:12:50 A very blurry (or perhaps speckly?) picture of me and Gav.

21:12:55 ...and again.

22:11:20 Our final venue of the evening was the Eagle and Child, where, as the posters in the background illustrate, apparently C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien used to go drinking together.

22:11:44 ...unfortunately due to the very popular pub quiz, we ended up right in the back in a conservatory bit, which presumably had been added on since Tolkien's day. Still, nice pub nonetheless.