Monmouth to London
Sunday 5th August 2018
Hung around in Monmouth in the morning until the first bus left for Newport, and then got the train back to London from there.
Offa's Dyke
John's Pictures

The old gatehouse, I remember when you could still drive through this.


The shop where Dad used to work many years ago (Fingal-Rock), now more of a wine shop than a deli, which had an article from a newspaper or magazine in the window with a wine I wanted to remember.

Church Street in Monmouth which I walked up and down while I was waiting for a cafe to open.


Eventually Coffee #1 opened, which I remembered from my trip to Herefordshire in January was comparatively not too bad as chain coffee places go. I found their wall of fame amusing.

Me on the bus to Newport, a silly picture I took to send to Erika.