Portmeirion - North Wales


Sunday 29th March 2009

A day out to visit Portmeirion, the Italianate coastal resort near Portmadog.

North Wales

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11:52:02 Yates on the kitchen floor.14:14:16 One of the gatehouses on the way into Portmeirion.14:16:25

14:16:30 Hmmm... I'm going to struggle to write comments for even a fraction of these pictures!14:21:02 So I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...14:21:09

14:22:49 Chie and the belltower.14:24:03 Vera and Dad.14:25:24

14:25:36 14:26:08 14:26:25 I particularly liked this building perched somewhat precariously on the cliff edge here.

14:28:04 Chie through a little archway.14:28:14 14:29:01

14:31:25 Just to remind you that you're not actually on the Mediterranean.14:31:48 14:32:21

14:34:31 15:11:12 A guy in an outfit from The Prisoner.15:11:22

15:23:24 Taking a wander through the gardens now.15:26:24 A Japanese bridge...15:27:34 ...a pagoda.

15:30:56 15:34:28 Quite a good vantage point from which to look out over the village here.15:34:53

15:35:25 Dad enjoying the view.15:38:25 I think this is probably the best.15:42:04

15:51:33 15:55:51 15:56:17

16:08:10 On the way out of Portmeirion now, and here's a bird in a tree.16:33:55 On the way back we went by way of Black Rock Sands, the beach we used to go to when I was a kid.16:34:04 Yates is quite fond of the beach.

16:34:22 16:34:40 16:34:47

16:37:42 16:40:49 Chie on the beach.16:42:55

16:43:06 There's Criccieth castle.16:43:32 17:37:48 Here's the church where Lucy and Martin are planning to get married this summer.

17:44:46 Chie peeking round the corner of the door.17:45:30 Can see the three halls quite clearly from this angle - apparently they were all built at different times.17:46:30 Trying to take a picture of the buds on this tree.

18:01:00 Birds feeding in Dad's garden.