Ffestiniog Railway - North Wales

Ffestiniog Railway

Saturday 28th March 2009

Went for a trip on the famous miniature stream railway with Chie.

North Wales

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12:44:58 Lunch - Allports fish and chips in Porthmadog.12:52:06 Eating chips in the car (not nice enough weather to eat outside!).12:54:10

13:14:40 Here's the front of one of the Ffestiniog's trains.13:15:23 Close up on the diddy engine.13:16:03

13:27:54 Chie looking out expectantly.13:29:42 13:40:27 Can see the drivers here, just about.

13:40:52 Taken from the train as it went along William Madocks' seawall.13:40:58 13:46:33 Chie looking like she is enjoying it!

13:49:18 Nice old car parked in one of the little stations we passed through.14:01:31 We got this Clogau pendant in Porthmadog earlier today, containing some Welsh Gold.14:01:44 Chie looks quite happy with that too!

14:05:07 14:05:12 A signal box.14:06:14 Hmmm... it was hard to get particularly good pictures from the train!

14:07:28 14:11:53 As you can see the weather wasn't really at it's best!14:19:24 A gin and bitter lemon to warm me up a bit.

14:40:29 This had to be the cutest of all the halts on the route - Campbell's Platform.14:48:34 Looking quite inclement out there.15:05:30 I was surprised to see there was still snow on the top of this mountain at the end of March.

15:05:42 15:16:11 Here we are at the end of the run at Blaenau Ffestiniog.15:18:28 ...thankfully only had a few minutes here!

15:23:17 The front of the train where we'd been sat previously now became the back of the train.15:29:04 Inside the carriage.15:44:18 Chie's glow-in-the-dark stripes on her coat in one of the tunnels.

15:46:44 15:47:15 Trying to get a shot of the rest of the train as it went round a bend...15:48:15

15:48:19 15:50:26 15:58:57 ....hmmm this isn't bad...

15:59:07 ....same thing with a bit of zooming in.15:59:16 Nice little station building there.16:19:57

16:22:47 Was a bit cold on the train on the way back.16:22:54 16:27:17

16:30:22 16:30:52 A rainbow as we're almost arriving back in Porthmadog again.16:40:00 Back in Porthmadog, and a chance to take a few anoraky pictures of the engines.

16:40:08 16:43:00 Porthmadog harbour.16:43:21

16:43:28 16:43:40 16:43:51 Excellent "densha ottaku" (Japanese for train anorak) picture.

17:49:08 Sheep on the way back...17:49:23 ...and a bit of a sunset.