Up to North Wales - North Wales

Up to North Wales

Friday 27th March 2009

Traveling up to North Wales.

North Wales

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16:33:02 Daffodils in Dad's garden.16:33:15 16:33:38 Ducks!

16:35:54 16:36:06 There's the steps leading down to the stream.16:37:53

16:38:07 It's a plum tree in blossom.16:38:24 16:38:49

16:51:29 More daffodils.18:02:37 The nearest little cove to Dad's house, the lovely blue sky and sea here belies how cold it was!18:02:42 Chie!

18:03:14 Dad, Vera and me down by the sea.18:09:25 Chie said these are edible - I forget the name.18:09:53 Chie walking along the cliffs.

18:11:31 Me and Dad.18:11:40 Bit of a sunset here.18:11:44

18:11:47 19:05:13 This is my Great Grandfather's cigarette case, which he got in Egypt during the First World War.19:05:27