Saturday in North Wales - North Wales

Saturday in North Wales

Saturday 13th February 2010

A pre-lunch stroll along the sea by Porth Ysgaden followed by a post-lunch outing to Llanbedrog for another stroll along the beach and a visit to the gallery.

North Wales

08:25:43 The view from Dad's house - lovely to wake up in the morning and be able to see the sea in the distance!08:25:56 11:02:57 This is me having a late breakfast I think.
11:03:14 Trying to get a picture of the numerous birds that congregate outside Dad's house. It didn't really work.11:53:38 Out for a stroll by the sea now.11:53:49 Nice view of Porth Ysgaden with a billowy sky.
11:55:59 Some cormorants had made their nest in the cliff face here.11:56:09 11:56:49 I love the big sky here.
11:58:20 More cormorants on the cliff face.12:01:55 12:02:03
12:02:12 12:06:57 Chie standing at a bit of a funny angle.12:07:03 The little bay along from Porth Ysgaden.
12:09:33 A waterfall flowing onto the beach.12:10:26 Chie going exploring.12:10:36 Nice sky here.
12:17:18 14:01:27 14:01:46
14:02:30 Chie and the windchime her family had brought as a present from Japan.14:15:23 Snowdrops in Dad's garden.14:15:30
14:16:27 14:16:40 14:52:48 Llanbedrog beach huts being stored in the car park for the winter.
14:59:32 A strange little seaweed (or sea creature?).15:10:08 The beach at Llanbedrog.15:10:14
15:27:40 The gallery in Llanbedrog.15:48:59 Chie having tea and cake in the gallery.15:49:58
16:05:16 Me, Dad and Janie in the cafe.16:05:21 16:23:21 The statue outside the gallery (apparently this was stolen at one point!).