Sunday in North Wales - St. Mary's Well - North Wales

Sunday in North Wales - St. Mary's Well

Sunday 1st August 2010

An afternoon stroll near Aberdaron, down to St. Mary's well, whilst enjoying the views across the sea to Bardsey. Also an early evening stroll to Porth Colman, and dinner at the Lion.

North Wales
13:56:55 Attempt to take a group picture with Bardsey behind us - this one on self timer...13:57:09 ...and then a few taken by me.13:57:25
13:57:30 I think this is probably the nicest!14:03:53 Lovely views to be had of Bardsey today.14:04:03 ...and the sea looked very inviting too!
14:04:55 Didn't quite manage to get Chie in shot here!14:05:10 14:06:39 Sheep enjoying the Sunday afternoon sun.
14:06:48 14:09:46 14:10:59 Marvellous sky!
14:11:44 It was hard to stop taking pictures of Bardsey today!14:14:20 14:14:48
14:15:50 14:15:58 14:16:14
14:16:22 14:16:29 14:16:33
14:17:07 14:17:18 14:17:58
14:18:40 14:18:47 14:28:00 There's St. Mary's well.
14:28:06 The rather precarious path down to the well.14:30:08 Chie taking a sip from the well.14:30:44 Dad taking a sip from the other little outlet of the well.
15:03:50 Having a scone after our walk.15:46:27 Some views from the car on the way back...15:46:33
15:51:13 15:51:20 There's Garn Fadryn again.15:51:30
17:51:09 Later on, Chie and I took a stroll down to Porth Colman.17:53:34 18:01:03
18:05:01 18:05:08 Spent a while staring into this large rockpool for any sealife - saw a couple of little fish and crabs.19:48:13 Dinner at the Lion.
20:31:49 20:57:29 Me and Vera in the corridor of the Lion.21:17:05 Back at the house.