Saturday in North Wales - Garn Fadryn - North Wales

Saturday in North Wales - Garn Fadryn

Saturday 31st July 2010

An afternoon stroll up Garn Fadryn - the mountain Dad is custodian of, on the Llyn peninsula in North Wales.

North Wales

14:26:46 Dad in his vegetable garden with a basket of fresh greens.14:28:41 Chie eating peas in Dad's garden.14:34:28 A red admiral.
14:38:54 Relaxing outside the house.15:08:07 Now walking up the mountain Dad is custodian of - Garn Fadryn.15:17:35 Chie heading up the mountain path...
15:17:44 Dad amongst the heather and the gorse.15:18:28 Close up on the heather. Two types here - bell heather and ling heather.15:18:33 A bumblebee in the heather.
15:20:13 15:20:22 15:21:25
15:25:29 15:25:43 Me on the mountain.15:27:41 Chie picking winberries.
15:27:50 Dad picking winberries...15:28:43 ...quite a good haul!15:29:33
15:29:52 Nearing the top now...15:35:16 15:36:54 ...and here's the summit.
15:37:15 The views from the top.15:37:23 15:38:04
15:38:10 15:40:36 15:40:41
15:55:06 The clouds started to descend as we headed back down.16:05:40 ....and I got soaked!16:05:45