Back Across the Irish Sea - North Wales and Dublin

Back Across the Irish Sea

Tuesday 18th September 2007

A load of rather grey and uninteresting pictures taken whilst on the ferry back to the UK.

North Wales and Dublin

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14:34:38 I sat in Club Class on the way back, and the better seat, next to a window, made me too lazy to go out on deck. Thus all these pictures are taken through glass, which seems to have added to their dullness.14:35:51 Oooh - you can see a bit of a window frame.14:38:08 The little red lighthouse you pass as you leave Dublin Port.

14:52:06 I wondered if this might have been the famous M2 Buoy, as featured on XC Weather.14:53:30 ...and the light is on here too I think.15:09:29

15:09:58 Another ship visible in the distance there.15:32:39 I think that is the big Irish Ferries ship going in the other direction.15:33:04 ...same again.

15:34:14 ...and again.15:39:44 ...and this one is the Stena Line ferry.15:39:52 ...and again.

15:40:11 ...and again!15:43:37 My trust GPS receiver, which was managing to do an admirable job of tracking my position, even through the window here.15:53:36 There were complimentary drinks and nibbles in Club Class, so I availed myself of a cup of tea and a muffin.

15:55:25 I think this is another Stena Line ferry, but this must be the high speed one.15:55:37 ...and again.16:09:32 I think that's our first glimpse of Wales then. Land ahoy!

16:11:36 The little lighthouse out on the end there.16:16:43 16:18:35 Coming into Holyhead port now...

16:18:48 ...blimey it looks grey and dreary doesn't it!