In Dublin - North Wales and Dublin

In Dublin

Monday 17th September 2007

Some random pictures taken around Dublin, mainly of things I just happened to pass on my way to and from the office.

North Wales and Dublin

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08:54:57 This is my hotel - the Park Inn.08:55:03 Next door to it was this big tower - presumably some sort of viewing platform at the top there.08:57:39 I was just round the corner from the Old Jameson Distillery - had I had more time I would have liked to go on a tour of it (you know, for the sake of comparison, etc).

09:03:56 A not-that-great view along the Liffy.09:04:03 ...and there follow some more views along the Lify.09:12:53

09:18:40 I guess this is city hall or something like that.09:33:42 A map of the area around my office - just in case I got lost!09:35:09 I think this is part of the Grand Canal, or something.

19:21:34 The view from the 7th floor of my company's Dublin office. Not exactly the most inspiring view in the world, but it was quite nice nonetheless.19:21:38 ...and in the other direction.19:21:48 ...and looking down to the nearby station.

19:29:26 Walking back towards the city centre now, and I liked the way the sunset reflected on this building on the right hand side here.19:37:59 Sunset over the Liffy.20:27:16 I had a bit of time to waste before meeting my friend Bartek for dinner, so I popped into a pub called the VAT House, to try one of their Irish whisky tasting trayt.

20:27:33 Here's a close up on the descriptions so I could remember what I had.