Over to Ireland - North Wales and Dublin

Over to Ireland

Sunday 16th September 2007

Spent the morning in North Wales, then got the ferry over to Dublin in the late afternoon / early evening.

North Wales and Dublin

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12:15:43 This is the semi-wild bit down the bottom of Dad's garden. You can really get yourself lost in here.12:15:55 I feel I really ought to know what these berries are...12:17:21 ...although they looked a bit like olives...

12:17:30 ....I don't recall the olive tree being native to the Llyn peninsula.12:17:48 Wanted to get in the little path, and a bit of the stream... hard to make out here though.18:12:31 Port of the port of Holyhead here, as our ship begins to leave.

18:15:36 Something about being on boats encourages me to take lots of pictures of anything and everything, which I later struggle to write comments for..!18:19:25 Leaving Wales behind us in the distance there...18:21:28 Getting out into the open sea now...

18:22:39 ...a last shot of Holyhead and Wales...18:28:27 ...and we're out into the thick of it now.18:28:58 OK, maybe this one is actually the last shot of Wales.

18:29:07 ....or in fact this one!18:29:52 It obvious doesn't really come across in the pictures, but by this point it was really quite windy out on deck...18:30:05 ...in fact so much so I had to keep a very tight grip on my camera etc, for fear of it blowing away. Plus it was very choppy, and the boat was swaying about a fair bit.

18:30:25 Oh, actually this is yet another last glimpse of Wales.18:32:56 So anyway... whilst these pictures aren't particularly exciting in themselves, I hope you'll appreciate the challenging conditions in which they eere taken.19:39:20 After a spell inside (it was just too windy to stand out on deck for long) I ventured back outside again to try and capture some pictures of the sun setting over the Irish Sea. Unfortunately given that the open bit of the deck was only at the back of the ship, and we were heading West, most of the good bits were obscured by the boat itself.

19:39:32 Still, a nice sky nonetheless, and I think you can see some of the Irish coast there. Apologies for the non-straight horizon - it was still really windy and very hard to keep the camera straight!19:39:41 More of the same really - I bet this looked great from the front of the ship!19:40:17 Last one before I headed back inside again.