Saturday in North Wales - North Wales and Dublin

Saturday in North Wales

Saturday 15th September 2007

A day in North Wales, out for a walk in the early afternoon, and then a spot of tea in the back garden later on.

North Wales and Dublin

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13:33:38 This is above "The National Trust Beach" whose actually name escapes me. There's a very nice work along the cliffs here, which Yates is particularly fond of.13:33:42 Looks like a nice day doesn't it? It was actually quite warm, but the wind brought the temperature down a bit.13:36:03 One man and his dog. Yates is just about to engage in one of his favourite pastimes here - clifftop rolling. He seems to delight in getting worryingly close to the edge before having a good roll about.

13:52:01 Lovely sea and sky.13:54:09 The view along to Anelog (that little mountain on the end), and you can just make out a certain black dog trotting along the path.14:02:00 Even a bit of sun glimmering on the sea here.

14:02:19 Yates looks out to sea.14:08:48 We decided this was a good spot for a rest.14:08:58 Nice picture of Dad and Yates.

16:50:29 Later on, back at the house, we had a spot of tea out in the back garden.16:50:47 ...with some very nice Welsh Cakes Dad knocked together...