Dereham, Downham and Ely - Norfolk

Dereham, Downham and Ely

Sunday 14th March 2010

Stopped off at a few places on the way back from Norwich to London, including the ever marvelous Ely.


11:32:23 Dereham Windmill.11:32:49 11:33:57
11:49:05 Attempt to take a picture of the maltings in Dereham.12:32:10 This is the clock tower in Downham Market.12:50:32 A hearty breakfast/lunch at the Downham Cafe.
12:50:46 Me and my mushroom omelette.13:08:47 I heartily recommend the Downham Cafe if you're ever passing through this way.13:47:04 The ever marvellous Ely Cathedral.
13:47:12 13:47:31 A mobile picture which looks a lot darker.13:52:15
13:56:39 Some interior shots of Wly cathedral for which I won't attempt to write commentary...13:58:11 14:00:55
14:04:05 14:04:11 14:07:38
14:10:08 I think the restoration of the Lady's Chapel was sponsored by a number of companies / organisations - include British Railways...!?14:14:27 14:14:33
14:24:13 ...back outside Ely Cathedral again now.14:26:32 14:26:52
14:28:32 14:29:59 17:01:14