Nagano July 2006

Friday - Nagano July 2006


Friday 28th July 2006

Got the Shinkansen from Tokyo in the evening, went out for a couple of drinks in the centre of Nagano, and stayed the night at a hotel next to the station.

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19:27:42 So here's me and Chie on the train, just as it pulled away from Tokyo.

19:59:15 It is of course obligatory to have a beer on the Shinkansen, and some kind of accompanying otsumami. Unfortunately I made a rather bad choice - these kind of preserved edamame, which were a bit crap. Still, the packaging was nice!

22:58:08 So this is in Nagano now, after dropping our bags off at the hotel, we went for a bit of a wander and found this cocktail bar called "Peace", which was quite nice.

22:58:48 Chie hiding from the camera.

23:20:11 A blurry picture of our hotel, next to Nagano station, taken before turning in for the night.