Sunday in the Midlands - Midlands February 2009

Sunday in the Midlands

Sunday 22nd February 2009

Midlands February 2009

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09:36:42 Breakfast in our room at the hotel - this was rather nice.09:37:00 11:49:32 The quest to get the chewing gum out of the barrel...

11:49:35 11:49:42 11:49:51 voila, a packet of circa 1985 Wrigley's Spearmint gum.

11:49:58 11:50:04 11:51:19

11:51:23 11:52:40 Mum looks unimpressed.11:55:16 There was also a blue lego rail in there.

11:55:22 12:40:56 Mum and Keith struggling to bring a table indoors.13:17:08 Sunday lunch.

13:17:15 14:14:57 William doing a great job as a bingo caller.14:36:58 William and Daniel playing this complicated looking game involving cogs.