Saturday in the Midlands - Midlands February 2009

Saturday in the Midlands

Saturday 21st February 2009

Midlands February 2009

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10:05:44 The patio that came attached to our room.10:50:19 The front of the hotel.11:45:56

11:46:42 Inside the fabled barrel-with-the-chewing-gum-in.13:42:28 Katie finding innovative solutions to the shortage in seating at Mum's house.13:42:32

14:38:03 At Elvaston Park, recreating a scene from my childhood when I nearly drowned (and nobody came to my rescue).14:39:55 Elvaston Castle from across the lake.14:41:49

14:44:29 The kids enjoying the rocky bit of the park.14:44:33 14:44:47

14:44:52 14:56:56 Inside the grounds of the castle.14:57:23

15:11:08 Ice creams all round!15:11:25 15:11:27

15:11:31 15:11:43 15:13:21

15:19:06 15:20:55 I rather like this shot.17:44:00 Later on, sunset in the village.

17:49:18 The front of our hotel looking out at the sunset.17:52:16 21:28:32 Adrian and me in the pub where we grew up.

21:28:40 22:06:02