The Day After the Wedding - Lucy and Martin's Wedding

The Day After the Wedding

Sunday 23rd August 2009

Went for a damp (but very nice) walk by the sea in the afternoon, and then had a big family meal in the evening.

Lucy and Martin's Wedding

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15:39:58 Chie looking very well prepared for a walk out in rather inclement conditions.16:09:07 Down on the beach now - I think Chie rather liked having wellies on as she could just wade through all the wet bits!16:09:14 Dad amongst the rocks.

16:09:17 Chie and an assortment of seaweed.16:11:19 This is actually a very nice beach here, and I've never seen it anything but deserted.16:11:23 More rocks etc.

16:11:28 I seemed to be very snap happy this afternoon!16:13:38 Some pictures of Chie on the beach...16:13:42 ...and another...

16:13:58 ...and another.16:36:33 Up on the top of the cliff now, looking back down over the beach.16:36:39 ...and another in the other direction.

16:36:53 Chie and Dad on the cliff top looking out to sea.16:37:11 Me and Dad on top of the cliff.16:41:00 One last picture of the sea before heading back to the house.

19:43:36 I was having considerable difficulties with my camera this evening. Time to buy a new one!19:44:03 We had a total of 14 people round the table for dinner this evening! There's Lucy and Alex at the far end, then round the side, Adele and two of Alex's friends he picked up on his travels through Estonia and Eastern Europe.19:44:21 The other side of the table - Adrian, Liz and the kids.

19:44:26 ...and again, with Daniel in shot.19:44:37 ...difficult to get the whole table in (and there were several people sitting / standing behind me!).19:45:07 Chie looking quite content on her seat at the end.

19:45:17 Martin, Janie and Dad ferrying food to and from the table.19:46:39 Me perching on the end.20:29:34 ....I did eventually manage to get a seat.

20:56:45 After dinner, Dad (I should say Grandad!) and the kids were playing with the keyboard.20:57:07 William was an unexpected star of the wedding yesterday with his rather snazzy dancing - here he is giving us a reinaction.20:57:24 ...more of William's dancing.

20:57:36 ...and one last picture of Grandad and the kids with the keyboard.