Lucy and Martin's Wedding - Lucy and Martin's Wedding

Lucy and Martin's Wedding

Saturday 22nd August 2009

Pictures from the wedding, at a rather lovely little church near where Dad lives in North Wales. I only really took pictures of the ceremony, will post links to other people's pictures of the reception when these become available.

Lucy and Martin's Wedding

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14:14:12 Chie and Martin outside the church, I rather like the contrast of costumes here.14:26:33 Father awaiting the arrival of the bride.15:07:16 Just after the ceremony - eek a bit washed out - I think I happened to coincide with someone else's flash.

15:07:21 That's more like what it should have looked like - the new Mr and Mrs Paterson.15:10:16 The signing of the register.15:10:27 A little closer up on the signing - hard to get the lighting right in a lot of these pictures, but I rather like this one.

15:10:33 One last picture of register signing before headng outside.15:23:42 Outside the church - Chie, Louise and Vera - who had made it here today despite her injury - what a trooper!15:25:46 Dad, Louise and Vera.

15:26:01 Me, Dad, Louise, Adrian and Vera = the Hawkinses.15:30:11 I think I was just a second too late to catch the throwing of petals here.15:30:16 A close-up on the bride and groom.

15:30:26 15:30:40 Some of the church in shot here, which is rather nice.15:30:44

15:31:33 Lucy and Martin going to say hello to Vera.17:24:54 Part way through the reception we came back to the churchyard for a bit to have portraits of all the guests done. Whilst waiting for ours, here's the sundial in he church yard.17:25:19 Lucy and Janie.

17:25:28 Martin in part of his picture taking marathon.