Anniversary of Getting Engaged - London September 2009

Anniversary of Getting Engaged

Sunday 13th September 2009

Went to Regent's Park and Primrose Hill to mark the anniversary of when we got engaged (five years ago now!).

London September 2009

15:29:53 The half bottle of rosé champagne (Besserat de Bellefon - I had never heard of this before) which I had bought to have in the park, but in the end we decided it wasn't quite the weather for it, so took it home instead.15:52:54 Chie somewhere in Regent's Park.16:07:48 The usual views from Primrose Hill, which look particularly naff on my mobile camera!

16:22:06 Chie walking up Primrose Hill...16:22:12 ....same thing but where you can actually see Chie.17:10:45 ....on the bus on the way back I took this picture for Chie's benefit - she often wonders what the man in this little kiosk does if he needs to go to the toilet, and this at least proves that he can get out.