Day out in London with Ai-san - London September 2009

Day out in London with Ai-san

Saturday 12th September 2009

A gloriously touristy sort of a day out in London with Chie and Ai-san, including breakfast at the Regency Cafe, and a tour around Westminster Abbey.

London September 2009

11:28:41 Chie and Ai-san in the Regency Cafe.11:49:40 Chie and Ai-san outside the Regency.11:59:33 Heading for Westminster Abbey via the back entrance, I am rather fond of this shop - J. Wippell and Company Ltd, ecclesiastical tailors.

11:59:43 There's the sign.12:01:44 One of the lesser known gateways into Westminster Abbey.12:04:42 In the rather nice little courtyard at the back of the abbey which is also a school - very Oxbridge sort of feel to it here.

12:04:48 ....isn't that nice?12:06:05 A more familiar view of Westminster Abbey.12:49:06 Part way round on the tour now (unfortunately photos aren't allowed inside)...

12:49:19 The inside of the cloisters...12:51:01 can't beat a good cloister.12:52:08 ...the nice little courtyard garden, which is unfortunately closed off most of the time, so you can just peek through the railings here.

12:52:16 ....same thing in landscape.12:52:39 ....nice to be able to see Victoria Tower of the Houses of Parliament behind there.12:54:36 More bits of the abbey complex.

12:54:46 ...and some more cloisters.13:01:46 ....and more of the same.13:50:33 After leaving Westminster, time for some very touristy pictures in Parliament Square!

13:51:57 ...there's me and Big Ben.13:52:15 ...and me and Chie - note Chie is standing on a wall here, she hasn't suddenly got taller.14:02:12 We happened to pass Horse Guards parade just as they were changing the guard, which was nice.

14:02:20 ...although initially we were standing in the way a bit...14:05:09 What happened to the colours here? Crazy!14:06:29 ...that's a bit more sane.

15:18:56 There's Trafalgar Square, just after a wander round the National Gallery.