Houses of Parliament in the Evening - London September 2009

Houses of Parliament in the Evening

Tuesday 8th September 2009

Some Thameside shots of Houses of Parliament taken on a very pleasant late summer's evening. Oh and also a few shots of dinner - tortelloni with home made pesto.

London September 2009

18:28:59 First of all some pictures of dinner - I had made pesto for the first time in ages, and it had come out rather well so I wanted to get a few pictures...18:29:07 18:29:12

18:29:19 18:29:24 ...I think that looks rather appetising, wouldn't you agree?19:21:33 After dinner we went out for a stroll along the Thames, but I only took my phone with me - so slightly less good mobile pictures only from here on I'm afraid.

19:21:45 I rather liked the light shining off these windows, but not sure the effect can really be appreciated in these pictures...19:30:19 ....again, a nice colour of light shining off the windows which doesn't really come out so well here.19:32:48 ....and from here on about a zillion pictures of the House of Parliament at various points along the South Bank (and starting on Lambeth bridge).

19:33:00 Getting less of the sky in shot seemed to improve the brightness of the whole image somewhat.19:33:07 19:33:18 ...nice to see the London Eye as well.

19:33:29 There's Chie on Lambeth bridge.19:34:33 Really not too bad for a mobile phone picture, wouldn't you agree?19:34:41

19:36:24 Over the other side of Lambeth bridge now.19:39:10 The embankment here was full of other people taking similar pictures, mostly with much better cameras!19:39:54 Chie trying to jump into (or out of?) shot.

19:40:09 That's quite nice isn't it? A bit grainy and the colours are a bit naff, but the composition is ok.19:43:35 I think I'll give up trying to write comments for all of these...19:43:42

19:45:39 ...a few boats in the way there...19:45:47 19:48:34

19:48:48 19:51:12 That's quite a nice one I think.19:52:19

19:52:23 19:52:33