Japanese Chefs - London September 2009

Japanese Chefs

Monday 7th September 2009

The evening Chie and her friend Ai-san made dinner at our flat, including a tasting session of unusual Japanese beers.

London September 2009

19:15:31 Chie in her apron.19:15:43 The dinner table - actually it doesn't look like there's much food there but we seemed to end up eating a lot!19:16:57 Ai-san and Chie, chefs for the evening.

19:17:38 First of the interesting beers - an Otaru Weiss beer.19:18:42 ....and there it is in the glass.19:18:50 Not sure why I decided to take a picture of the avocado.

19:22:13 My camera is on it's last legs - having real trouble focusing!19:46:27 The next interesting Japanese beer (technically this is happoshu) - Asahi Off.19:46:41 A not-very-good picture of some umi-budo (literally "sea grapes") - a type of Japanese seaweed.

19:46:51 Asahi Off again. Apparently it has 85% less Purine - and is marketed at beer drinkers worried about gout.20:07:17 The third beer - Kirin "Golden Moment". I think I preferred the Asahi Off.20:07:28 Same again.

20:17:58 There's all three of them lined up.